At BioEnzymes, we have taken on the challenge of developing products that not only offer maximum performance in the home and workplace but also present minimal risk to people and the environment. Gone are the days when any old chemical will do the job. Now consumers insist that products not only clean effectively and quickly but are also environmentally safe.

We are not willing to compromise on the quality and performance of our products, we have developed and distribute the greenest possible products, which perform in the harshest conditions but without the harmful effects of traditional cleaning products.

Our products represent the best possible cleaning solutions, that will minimize the cost, risk and environmental impact while still maximizing performance.

Keeping abreast of technology is extremely important and products are constantly updated. This applies to all areas of production, to reduce the freight component, products are highly concentrated. Dilution rates for effective use are recommended and with most products having many uses, depending on dilution, this reduces inventory.

The aim is to provide highly concentrated, highly biodegradable products that are very efficient.