The most powerful enzyme cleaners on the market.

Only BioEnzymes has the power for three dimensional odour control and live bacteria for continuous enzyme production, giving you nonstop cleaning and a burst of freshness. Shop online for our range of eco-friendly biodegradable enzyme cleaners, degreasers & disinfectants.

How do Bio-Enzymatic cleaners work?

Our cleaners contain live enzyme producing bacteria, which are released onto the treatment area and feed on the organic material to completely remove stains and odours.

The Bacteria bloom.

Powerful live bacteria bloom and quickly produce enzymes which attack any organic materials.

The Enzymes go to work.

The enzymes liquify any organic material and remove any trace of the stains and odours.

The Bacteria return to being dormant.

They return to a dormant state, ready to activate and attack any new organic state.

The strongest Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners money can buy.

Unlike many of our competitors, who only use the enzymes produced from bacteria, the BioEnzymes range contains billions of LIVE bacteria, that are continuously producing enzymes as they clean. We regularly test our products to ensure that they are the STRONGEST enzyme products on the market.


Why choose BioEnzymes?

Strongest enzyme products on the market

Don’t waste your money on imitators who can’t back up their claims. Our products are 5x stronger and more effective.

Unique odour-encapsulating fragrance

Our formula is unbeatable at encapsulating and eliminating nasty odours, no matter the type of application.

Made right here in Australia

Researched and developed right here in Australia, you can trust BioEnzyme to deliver superior results for a good price.

The leaders in Enzyme Cleaning Products

Often imitated but never equalled, our range of powerful products have become the leading bio enzyme cleaners in the country,

Exceptional customer service

Need advice? Got a question about how to use one of our products? Talk to our friendly Customer Care team today.

Huge range of applications

From general purpose and home applications, to industrial, transport and marine; BioEnzyme products are suitable for all types of applications.

Our Green Commitment.

Here are BioEnzyme, we develop and distribute the greenest possible products, which perform in the harshest conditions without the harmful effects of traditional cleaners. Our range represents the best possible cleaning solutions, that will minimize the cost, risk and environmental impact.

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