MIRACOIL is a completely acid-free, formulation for the removal of corrosion, soot, atmospheric salts & other deposits that interfere with the efficient operation of air conditioner coils, filters, electronic precipitators, fan blades, squirrel cages & other refrigeration & cooling components.

MIRACOIL cleans, deoxidises & restores coils to their original brightness & heat exchange efficiency. Reduces air conditioner running time, thus saving electricity & reducing wear & tear on motoers, relays, switches etc. Leaves no corrosive residue. Reduces future oxidation & pitting. Will not cause metal fatigue.

Full directions on rear label.

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  • Cleans – Miracoil removes dirt, dust, industrial fall out, air borne sales, lint, grass clippings and other obstructions.
  • Penetrates – Miracoil’s foam penetrates deep into the coil bank to loosen dirt and pull it to the surface.
  • Deoxidizes- Miracoil removes ‘white rust’ corrosion from aluminum fins & tarnish from copper coils.
  • Retards Pitting – Cleaned surfaces stay bright & smooth even longer than they did originally.
  • Increases efficiency – Periodic cleaning improves heat transfer & cooling efficiency.
  • Saves electricity – Motors & compressors need to run less frequently when units are cleaned with this miraculous product.
  • Eliminates down time:-
    1. Coils can be cleaned in place.
    2. Regular cleaning reduces breakdowns.



  • Not harmful to air conditioners – Laboratory tests confirm that weight loss of typical aluminum fins is only 1% after cleaning. Will not lead to metal fatigue.
  • Prolongs life of equipment – More units break down because they are not cleaned than for any other reason.
    Easy to use – Just spray on & rinse off.
  • Economical – Miracoil is a concentrate that can be diluted with water for routine use.
  • Saves labour – Works fast. Cleans units in place.
  • Not dangerous to common surfaces – Miracoil will not attack plastic, rubber, paint, tile floors or carpeting.
  • Non-flammable – Miracoil will not burn or support combustion in its liquid or vapour form.



Directions for Use

Dilution depends upon buid-up of soil & how long it has been allowed to accumulate. For first cleaning, use full strength. Thereafter, a dilution of 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water (1:3) is generally sufficient to maintain unit in like new condition.

Turn system off, then with a low pressure sprayer apply in a course stream (never mist) on fins, coils & other areas to be cleaned. Allow a few minutes for cleaner to penetrate & rinse thoroughly with clean water.

NOTE: Use with plastic pumps, buckets etc. Rinse equipment after use. Avoid contact with surfaces other than coils, as product and rinse may damage other surfaces.

WARNING: Corrisive, may produce severe burns. Attacks skin & eyes.

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