Odour Eater Dogs Stain & Odour Eliminator for Dog and Pet Stains and Odours


Bio-enzymatic Foul Odour Digester For Pet Odours 50 billion bacteria per litre. Specially selected to erase stubborn odours & stains. There are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria. The bad ones can cause sickness and disease while the good ones are instrumental in things like fermenting beer, curing tobacco and processing cheese.

Odour Eater Dogs contains only good bacteria , in this case they are specially bred bacteria designed to remove stubborn odours and stains using natural bio-enzymatic reactions. BioEnzymes Odour Eater products offer supurb value as they can be diluted to suit your needs.

With every litre containing 50 billion live bacteria our products use a combination of our revolutionary, super strong odour eliminator, and LIVE enzyme producing bacteria in a combined approach to totally remove odours and stains in any area. Simply mix up the amount you need to use and store the remainder for another time. 2 year shelf life.


Australian Made

Eco Friendly

Septic Safe




  • 50 billion enzyme producing bacteria in every litre – This astronomical figure is certified to be correct, and is important to you because the thoroughness and speed with which an enzyme producing product digests stains and the cause of odours is directly related to its bacteria count.A synergistic blend of cultures for broad spectrum
    effectiveness. Not just a single strain as are so many competitive products.
  • People-safe – Acts by liquefying and digesting organic stains and odours by enzymatic action. The only byproducts produced in the process are carbon dioxide, water and additional safe bacteria.
  • Environmentally safe – Bacteria that have multiplied during the use of Odour Eater Cats are a help in waterways and water treatment facilities because they help seed the natural biodegradation of water borne waste.



  • Safe on contact surfaces – There’s no heat generated to cause leaking pipes. No solvents to dissolve the backing of carpets or to craze plastics. No acids to etch floors or the grouting around the toilets and urinals.
  • Long shelf life – The bacteria in Odour Eater Cats are in the form of spores with a protective shell that keeps them dormant until the product is removed from the container and contacts organic matter.



Directions for Use

To digest foul, very strong odours and stains – Dilute Odour Eater Dogs 1:1 with water and use to clean contaminated area. While the surface is still wet, spray with full strength Odour Eater Dogs & cover with plastic or a damp towel for 12 -24 hours. Continue using daily if required until odours are digested.

To digest odours in carpets & upholstery – Dilute Odour Eater Dogs at the recommended rate. Test fibres for colorfastness. If colourfast, use solution to clean soiled area. After cleaning, spray with full strength Odour Eater Dogs. Rinse with water and then blot up or pick up with wet vac.



Bacteria count 50 billion per litre
Bacteria strains Bacillus subtills, polymyxo & licheni formis
Salmonella content None
Shelf life stability 12 months
Appearance White turbid liquid
Specific gravity 1.0
Odour of liquid Airicide
pH of concentrate 5.0 +/- 0.5

Use With: