BioMaintain Bio-Enzymatic Pond & Dam Water Maintainer


Bio-Enzymatic Pond & Dam water maintainer. Live bacterial culture for maintainingpond and dam water. BioEnzymes BIOMAINATIN is a unique environmentally friendly bio-enzymatic formulation that replaces hazardous traditional products used to keep pond & dam water in perfect biological condition.

It has been specifically formulated to attack t he organic matter that algae feeds on to grow and also reduces the amount of waste in the water generated by fish, birds and other aquatic life.


Australian Made

Eco Friendly

Septic Safe



Specially selected bacteria release enzymes that liquefy & then literally digest the organic matter keeping the natural balance in your pond or dam.

The only by-products of this process are water & CO2. Bio-enzymatic action has been nature’s way of degrading waste since the earth was formed, but until now enzymes did not act fast enough. Now with advanced chemistry, this proprietary formulation acts immediately to peptise & break up organic matter and clear pond & dam water and keep it in perfect condition.

Unlike chemical products, BIOMAINTAIN will not burn the flesh or ruin clothing, and is totally safe for all aquatic life and fish.



Directions for Use

BioMaintain is best used through automatic dosing machine but it is not totally necessary.

This is a concentrated product: 50-80 Mil CFU/ml

Store in a cool, dark spot. Shake well before use.

Mix the required amount of BIOMAINTAIN with 1lt to 5lt of pond or dam water and slowly add to the pond in an area where the water is circulating. If the pond is a still pond agitate and airate the water as best as possible for several minutes after application.



Application rates

  • 80ml Treats up to 2000 Litres
  • 160ml Treats up to 4000 Litres
  • 350ml Treats up to 8000 Litres
  • 800ml Treats up to 15000 Litres


Apply BIOMAINTAIN every one to two weeks for best results. For initial treatment of a new pond, double the application to seed your pond filter and clear the water quickly.




Number of bacteria strains 5
Types of strains Enzyme producing bacteria
Salmonella content None
pH of concentrate Nominally neutral
Appearance Clear
Odour of liquid None

Use With: